Spyder Table in Masterchef Italy

Award Winning Design

At Milano Furniture, our brands are carefully selected to represent our vision. All our brands are from Italy and showcase annually at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy. All our products feature designs from reputable and award winning designers who collaborate regularly with our brands and others. Giuseppe Vignano is one designer who features in quite a few of our brands, Cattelan Italia, Gamma Arredamenti, and Arketipo. He has designed the entire Dandy Home Collection for Gamma. The late Zaha Hadid, a world renowned architect, has designed lights exclusively for Slamp.

One of our new products, the Vita Chair, amongst several other Cattelan Italia products, has been designed by Alessio Bassan. Bassan is a designer who regularly collaborates with other Italian furniture brands to achieve winning concepts. The Spyder table from Cattelan Italia is a famous design by Phillip Jackson. Apart from appearing in many dining rooms around the world, it has also been featured as the judging table on Masterchef Italy.

Spyder Wood Dining Table
Spyder Wood Dining Table
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