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Keramik Collection

Designed by Cattelan Italia

The Keramik Collection is a contemporary table collection by Cattelan Italia. Cattelan Italia is a high end home furnishings brand that promotes highly personalised products for the luxury consumer.

Made in Italy, the innovative crystal ceramic dining tables showcase the very best in world class design. The Keramik Collection from Cattelan Italia is proof you can have it all. A luxurious anti scratch dining table Made in Italy custom made for everyday use.

Skorpio Keramik dining table

Treat the top like glass as it is made to resemble marble. The Keramik top design is non-permeable to spillages and resistant to all stains.

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Giano Keramik dining table

Giano Keramik Dining Table is precisely what is needed to make any dining room the centre of attention.

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Premier dining table

The base of the table is an incredible design that makes thought provoking use of negative space.

Premier Dining Table Detail Background

Soho Keramik Premium dining table

The Soho Keramik dining table is characterised by its eye-catching steel cylindrical base that exhibits a perfect crossover of durability and style.

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Stratos Keramik dining table

Visually enticing statement dining table with classic undertones.

Stratos Keramik Dining Table Detail Background

Yoda Keramik dining table

An oval, round or barrel shaped top is the primary feature of the Yoda table design.

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Keramik is the new Ceramic

Discover more of the table designs that feature the natural qualities of Keramik tops