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Dandy Home Collection

Designed by Giuseppe ViganĂ²

The Dandy Home Collection is a contemporary luxury furniture collection by Giuseppe ViganĂ², a whirlwind in global design. The world of art is his inspiration to design a such a fashion forward collection.

The Dandy Home Collection mirrors new trends and experimental ideas, straight from the Milan Fashion Week catwalk.
During Milan Fashion Week 2017, designer focus was on heritage and craftsmanship – two deeply Italian principles – with renowned brands redefining the current political temperature, unity. The Italians are unsurpassable when it comes to creativity and design. The zips, stitching, material effects, buttons, and clasps are crossing over into the world of designer furniture.

Since 1974, Gamma Arredamenti, the exclusive Italian furniture manufacturers have given form to its flair for furniture design. The results are a unique style and an intrinsic refinement in each element, whereby handcrafted workmanship meets design, highlighting the craftsmanship in contemporary forms and sleek lines. Modular and stylish, The Dandy Home Collection is truly enchanting. The Collection features designer sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, beds, cushions, and mirrors and incredible magazine "handbags" are elegantly poised by one side of sofa, much like the art of holding a designer handbag.

Wolf sofa

A playful design aesthetic - the Wolf Sofa is engineered for pure relaxation. With organically shaped (and high) back cushions that mould to the contours of your body, all eyes were on Giuseppe's work of art at the Milan Fair in April. A relentless and flamboyant creative he is, the Wolf design has many configurations and is highly adaptable to most spaces.

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Jack Night bed

Jack features sleek metal legs in nine finishes that adhere to its fashionable, hand-crafted headboard complete with leather piping and chrome buckle detail. A "floating" style bed where the mattress does not recess into the frame, this bed is special.

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Tuxedo sofa

The Tuxedo sofa is for the self assured and elegant; an individual who dares to be different and express personality in the art of dressing. At first glance, one notices the cucitura, or straight stitching, cascading with understated elegance from the top of the back cushion right down to the legs. Much like George Clooney in a tuxedo.

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Smart stool

The Smart Stool is a new creative accessory for the living space. Suited for the genuine designer handbag lover, (we are in the millions) the Smart Stool is a bag-cum- stool to seduce in the living room. There are three designs to choose from in fabric or leather (with punchy nicknames) - Sugar, Freddie and Bruce. Which one will seduce you?

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Gloss armchair

The Gloss armchair is for the trendy individual who likes to make a statement with a futuristic inspired piece. Its outer shell, looking a little sci-fi, protects you in a comforting way, much like a cocoon. The stark contrast between the hard outer shell and inconceivably soft feather cushioning inside, is what the designer wants you to experience first hand.

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Stripes side table

The Stripes side table is much like a pair of delicate earrings, dainty and unassuming, to pair with the "poser" Tuxedo sofa. The first style, a taller version with steel "stripes" is a free form, to accommodate your preferred sofa momenti.

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