For over 44 years, Cattelan Italia has left its mark on the global market by providing customizable collections with Italian artisanship of superior quality.

Cattelan Italia was founded by Giorgio Cattelan in 1979, the youngest of seven brothers from a family of passionate furniture designers. Today, Cattelan Italia boasts a presence in over 140 countries while still maintaining its Italian roots through collaborations and production within the country.

Another standout feature of the company is its use of premium raw materials, including delicately sculptured wood, alluring ceramics, and lacquered or hand-brushed finishes. If you want to learn more, head over to Cattelan Italia's website to view the gorgeous catalogues of all the materials that make up their designer furniture.

One of the renowned designs by Cattelan Italia is the 'Spyder' table, which features an iconic X-shaped base and is available in various top finishes, including glass and ceramic. Milano carries the collection in Spyder, Spyder Keramik, and Spyder Wood models.

Cattelan Italia is available now at Milano Furniture Sydney.