Aston bed

Brand Gamma Arredamenti

Handmade Capitonne

An amalgamation of tradition, technology and handcrafted expertise, the Aston Bed is full of pure emotions, revealing a present-day adaptation of the classic 16th century “capitonné” details. Emblematic of lush and splendour, the bed offers a luxuriously deep padding that gives a theatrical note to the bedroom’s interior.

Aston Bed
  • Aston Queen Frame Width 201cm, Depth 228cm, Height 100cm
  • Aston Queen Mattress Width 160cm, Depth 200cm, Height 21cm
  • Aston King Frame Width 228cm, Depth 239cm, Height 100cm
  • Aston King Mattress Width 180cm, Depth 200cm, Height 21cm

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  • Headboard padding in polyurethane
  • Base in polyurethane
  • Headboard height 100 cm
  • Base height 28 cm
  • Dark chrome legs height 11 cm
  • Headboard back in fabric
  • European wooden slats
  • Handmade
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