Audimat sofa

Brand Miti

Lean back, relax and use four mechanisms to create the perfect position

The Audimat Sofa is at the forefront of technology and design. You can sit back, relax and recline your seat with the push of a button like you are flying in First Class. Customise your seat right down to the seat width, automatic control or manual control. For central placement in a room, the sofa is designed for both rechargeable battery and adaptor power.

Additional modular components to custom design:
Central curved piece

Audimat Sofa
  • Audimat Armchair Width 100cm, Depth 110cm, Height 75cm
  • Audimat 2 seater Width 166cm, Depth 110cm, Height 75cm
  • Audimat 2.5 seater Width 188cm, Depth 110cm, Height 75cm
  • Audimat 3 seater Width 214cm, Depth 110cm, Height 75cm

Enquire about other dimensions to fit your space

  • Optional motor mechanism in sides for automatic recline of headrest and footrest
  • Optional USB port in armrests
  • Fully reclined: Depth 162cm Height 100cm
  • Matching cushions
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