Ceremony lamp

Designer Bruno Rainaldi

Brand Slamp

Suitable as a feature in an entrance hall or staircase

Like a necklace of pearls or the drape of a neckline, this lamp is a sumptuous homage to femininity at an impressive scale. Four light sources backlight swatches of techno-polymers;

Ceremony Lamp
  • Ceremony Medium Diameter 90cm x Height 110cm
  • Ceremony Small Diameter 55cm x Height 62cm

  • Available in white, fume (smoke) or prisma
  • Available at 55 (small) and 90 (medium) diameter
  • Four light sources that backlight
  • All lamps have a maximum height of 400cm, including wiring height.
  • Desired wiring height can be no more than 290cm height.
  • Enquire about bulb specifications