Freeway Bookcase

Freeway, envisioned by Giorgio Cattelan, is a metal modular design bookcase that exudes Cattelan Italia's values and style. Versatile for center-room placement or against a wall, its modules serve as elegant room dividers in an open space, with design metal shelves and boxes that accommodate any room size. Its variety of finishes transforms Freeway into a precious and sophisticated furniture piece.

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Two year manufacturer's warranty for any faults or defects.

A 60cm(W) x 29cm(D) x 5cm(H)
B 90cm(W) x 29cm(D) x 5cm(H)
C 120cm(W) x 29cm(D) x 5cm(H)
BOX 1 120cm(W) x 29cm(D) x 35cm(H)
BOX 2 90cm(W) x 29cm(D) x 35cm(H)

Materials Modular wall- or ceiling-hanging bookcase. Brackets, pillars and shelves in various finishes, Containers in various finishes
Origin Italy

Frame and Shelves:

Titanium embossed lacquered steel

Bronze embossed lacquered steel


Titanium embossed lacquered wood

Bronze embossed lacquered wood

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Freeway Bookcase

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