Pechino Bark dining table

Designer Studio Kappa

Brand Midj in Italy

Solid bark wood top with entwined leg base design

The Pechino table features a solid bark top with irregular edges. Perfect for the everyday kitchen table that resists wear and spills.

Pechino Wood Dining Table
  • Pechino Bark W250 Width 250cm, Depth 120cm, Height 75cm
  • Pechino Bark W106 Width 250cm, Depth 106cm, Height 75cm

Enquire about other dimensions to fit your space

  • Non stain, impermeable to liquids
  • Solid wood bark top, reinforced by steel plate underneath
  • 75cm height
  • Available as Solid Walnut or Solid Natural Oak
  • Steel base available in white, aluminium, sand, graphite or multicolour
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Solid Walnut Bark