Spyder Table

The Spyder table is a stylish choice for any dining room, with its X-shaped steel base supporting tops made from various glass finishes. Models include Spyder, Spyder Keramik, and Spyder Wood.




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Two year manufacturer's warranty for any faults or defects.

A - Square table
140cm(W) x 140cm(D) x 75cm(H)
B - Square table
150cm(W) x 150cm(D) x 75cm(H)
C - Rectangle table
182cm(W) x 90cm(D) x 73cm(H)
D - Rectangle table
200cm(W) x 100cm(D) x 73cm(H)
E - Rectangle table 200cm(W) x 106cm(D) x 73cm(H)
F - Shaped table 200cm(W) x 120cm(D) x 73cm(H) sag.
G - Square table 200cm(W) x 200cm(D) x 75cm(H)
H - Rectangle table 240cm(W) x 100cm(D) x 74cm(H)
I - Rectangle table 240cm(W) x 120cm(D) x 74cm(H)
J - Shaped table 240cm(W) x 120cm(D) x 74cm(H) sag.
K - Rectangle table 300cm(W) x 100cm(D) x 74cm(H)
L-  Rectangle table 300cm(W) x 120cm(D) x 74cm(H)
M - Shaped table
300cm(W) x 120cm(D) x 74cm(H) sag.
N - Round table
ø130cm(W) x 75cm(H)
O - Round table ø140cm(W) x 75cm(H)
P - Round table ø160cm(W) x 75cm(H)
Q - Round table ø180cm(W) x 75cm(H)
Materials Table with base in various wood and finishes, Top in 15mm various glass finishes laid on the base, Glass top 12mm on 200x106 and 182x90 version (Small reflection irregularities on the stainless steel base or glazes on the satin titanium or satin bronze painted base are due to handmade processing)
Origin Italy 


Matt black

Graphite painted steel

Polished stainless steel

Satin bronze painted steel

Satin titanium painted steel

Canaletto walnut wood

Dark Wenghè wood

Heritage oak wood


Clear glass

Extra clear glass

Bevelled extra clear glass

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Spyder Table

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