Carioca Dining Table

Canaletto Walnut captivating base design

DesignerAndrea Lucatello

BrandCattelan Italia

The Carioca table features canaletto walnut rings that embrace with poise. The glass top is the perfect material to showcase the ring motion frozen in time.

Image of Carioca Dining Table
Carioca Dining Table


  • Carioca Round 130 Diameter 130cm, Height 75cm
  • Carioca Round 140 Diameter 140cm, Height 75cm
  • Carioca Round 160 Diameter 160cm, Height 75cm
  • Carioca Round 180 Width 180cm, Depth 75cm, Height 83cm
  • Carioca W300 Width 300cm, Depth 120cm, Height 75cm


  • Base in Walnut Canaletto
  • The top is available both as 15mm clear and bevelled extra clear glass.
  • The Carioca table with a barrel edge is also available

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Canaletto Walnut
Canaletto Walnut