Charlotte Lamp

Modelled on a singular, industrious frame, much like honeycomb in blue, white or orange

DesignerDoriana and Massimiliano Fuksas


The idea originates from the world of illusion, and from the challenge of transforming a two- dimensional material into ever-multiplying shapes. The light imitates waves as they pull away from the shore, leaving little illuminated drops behind. Its concentric, hexagonal shapes allow for unending points of view from every angle.

Image of Charlotte Lamp
Charlotte Lamp


  • Charlotte Diameter 85cm, Height 113cm


  • Available one size
  • Emits 360 degrees of light
  • Four LED sources
  • Available in blue, white or orange
  • Lamp has a maximum height of 140cm, including wiring height.
  • Desired wiring height can be no more than 30cm in height.
  • Enquire about bulb specifications