Clizia Lamp

A delicate lampshade with coloured interlocked squares Perfect as a table or bedside table lamp

DesignerAdriano Rachele


With the Clizia, the designer Adriano Rachele created a harmonious chaos of countless Opal-Flex squares. The curved, almost organic design of the lamp makes it an absolute eye-catcher. Due to the irregular structure, the light shines unevenly to the outside, which results in special lighting effects.

Image of Clizia Lamp
Clizia Lamp


  • Clizia Diameter 63cm, Height 155cm


  • Diffuser anchored to the metal base painted with a magnetic system.
  • 230 joints performed manually to construct this piece
  • Available also as a floor, suspension or ceiling lamp
  • Available in white, purple, orange or black