Filiph Sofa

Express your freedom to move when you want in five various configurations

BrandArt Nova

The Filiph transforms your experience of the sofa and introduces innovative materials that capture your attention immediately. It is marked by the total absence of rigid division between right and left, front and back.

Additional modular components to custom design:
Moveable backrests
Moveable armrest

Image of Filiph Sofa
Filiph Sofa


  • Filiph 3 seater Width 255cm, Depth 125cm, Height 43cm
  • Filiph 3.5 seater Width 300cm, Depth 175cm, Height 43cm
  • Filiph 4 seater Width 320cm, Depth 195cm, Height 43cm


  • The backrests can be positioned in five various configurations
  • Reduced to extended sitting
  • Formal to relaxed
  • Inverted to form face to face conversations
  • Transformed into a chaise-longue
  • Free-standing large bed
  • Removable Covers
  • Non-slip rubber base to join the sofa without a junction hook

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