Nest Outdoor Armchair

DesignerStefano Galliziolli


Coros chair series is sleek and sophisticated. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, the chairs are perfect for a modern home. Made out of brushed stainless steel and PVC nylon cords or polyurethane slats, Coro's chairs showcase elegant Italian design.

Image of Nest Outdoor Armchair
Nest Outdoor Armchair


  • Nest Armchair Width 67cm, Depth 83cm, Height 78cm
  • Nest Chair Width 53cm, Depth 44cm, Height 77cm


  • Satin stainless steel frame
  • Back rest in light and fire resistant PVC nylon or acrylic cord
  • Cushions padded in Dryfeel® polyurethane in closed self‐draining cells, anti‐mould and mites immune. Minced in staples, core packed in sections through a transpiring fabric.
  • Fabric cushions in 1005 Flyer, resistant to most common stains (chocolate, coffee,oil, butter, solar cream), non‐toxic, not allergic, anti mould, fungus and mite‐proof
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Plastic feet  in black polypropylene