Regal Mirror

Wall mirror

DesignerGiorgio Cattelan

BrandCattelan Italia

Regal, as any other mirror, is a complement which furnishes greatly, thanks to its several forms and dimensions it is outstanding in the whole wall, it completes a corner, it makes beautiful the room, any kneading-through or console.

Image of Regal Mirror
Regal Mirror


  • Regal Square 80 Width 80cm, Height 80cm
  • Regal Square 120 Width 120cm, Height 120cm
  • Regal W120 Width 120cm, Height 80cm
  • Regal W160 Width 160cm, Height 80cm
  • Regal W 200 Width 200cm, Height 80cm
  • Regal Round 120 Diameter 120cm


  • Mirrored, frosted or fume frame
  • Available square, rectangular or round

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