Set Giara & Canna Tableware

Handmade stoneware pieces from Venice, Italy

DesignerRina Menardi

Since 1980, Rina Menardi has been developing her research into the field of ceramics, personalising work techniques, exploring colour schemes, striving for neatness of shape.Through this work, she has been creating her first collection of living accessories, all hand-made stoneware pieces, always characterised by simple lines, inspired by nature.

Image of Set Giara & Canna Tableware
Set Giara & Canna Tableware


  • Canna H54 Diameter 10cm, Height 45cm
  • Canna H37 Diameter 15cm, Height 37cm
  • Canna H35 Diameter 24cm, Height 35cm
  • Canna H36 Diameter 22cm, Height 36cm


  • Various sizes and colours available
  • Enquire about customising the set with a colour scheme for your home