Stripes Mirror

Stripe effect wall mirror

DesignerPaolo Cattelan

BrandCattelan Italia

Is it a mirror or a work of art? Certainly not your typical decorative mirror, the Stripes Mirror will make any modern space fashionably stand out. Reflective of Italian artistry, this simple yet unique masterpiece has been creatively crafted using several individual strips of mirrored glass to reflect an abstract image of its surroundings.

Image of Stripes Mirror
Stripes Mirror


  • Stripes Oval W118 Width 118cm, Height 120cm
  • Stripes Oval W147 Width 147cm, Height 150cm
  • Stripes Barrel Edged W180 Width 180cm, Height 90cm


  • Mirrored glass with circular bevels
  • Available circular or irregular shaped.

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