High Quality Materials

With a high-status lifestyle, no doubt you would expect high-status quality products. At Milano Furniture, all the very best materials used in our products are sourced from Italy. These are materials that are reliable enough to literally come to life, stay in place and function for many years to come. In other words, materials that are tried and tested.

Apart from the quality of the material, all Milano's products use a material to work very well with the innovation of the design. Keramik is a new material that performs better than traditional marble. Leathers are tanned with new processes to ensure that a particular leather look remains the same. Ferrous raw materials are known for its extreme durability and are used in many of our products.

We also realise that occasionally, the materials used in products need be explained to you in order to purchase. We are happy to tell you as much detail as you would like to know, and even more.