Trade CLIENT terms & conditions

  1. Our aim is to create a mutually beneficial collaboration with Interior Designers and Architects who wish to specify our products for their projects and clients. In this spirit, we only provide the trade discount when an Interior Designer or Architect has engaged us and not their client.
  2. The trade discount only applies to orders placed directly by an Interior Designer firm or Architect.
  3. Misura will not be liable for any product information given to a client of an Interior Designer or Architect should they visit one of our retail showrooms.
  4. The contract of sale will exist solely between Misura and the Interior Designer or Architect. Under no circumstances will Misura be liable for or in contact with the client of an Interior Designer or Architect unless explicit instruction had been previously given.
  5. The trade discount does not apply to clearance or products that have been already discounted.
  6. Misura does not disclose its trade discount under any circumstances to the general public.
  7. We also ask that discretion is exercised when discussing our trade discount.
  8. This trade discount is subject to change and is provided in absolute discretion and may be withheld where we deem it justifiable in the circumstances to do so.
  9. We reserve the right to cancel the trade account should these terms & conditions be breached.
  10. All documents and files that are available for download on this site remain copyright of Misura and are permitted for use by Interior Designers or Architects only. The responsibility of virus checking of a download file is the responsibility of the account holder.